Sol Nisbet Home Loans

Founded  2014

Sol's journey has a foundation set in reaching the community, not only that but empowering those who maybe have yet to dive into the realities of financial planning that needs to begin with a good understanding of one's financial goals. Her catered and detail-oriented work is not made to fit a template or help in a temporary situation. She is focused on what matters the most, "A dream becomes a reality when action is taken", and it is clear from her origin story that her help doesn't stem from her benefit but from her community that you can see wearing their heads on their shoulders and badge on their chest with pride. 

From 2008 to 2010, Sol made it a point to not only provide the community with client-based care through a local Wells Fargo branch, she also took the time to reach the youth. With starting here, she saw quickly the positive impact that this had on students. Teaching children "Financial Literacy" and encompassing the importance of having a strong idea of savings and work relations. Sol's "client for life" mentality is what sets her aside from the rest when having the opportunity to work with new clients or reach into the community for a new project. Whether it's learning how to save you money and time with a dedicated plan, or how to give back to the community, Sol is 100% invested in growth. 

Sol's opportunity for growth continued when she joined The Divide Chamber of Commerce in 2007, giving business owners the availability of her financial literacy knowledge, not long after becoming the President, Treasurer, and Secretary. 

Learning as much as she could from the Wells Fargo financial team, she saw an opportunity to help the community that was fully supported by her passions, coming full circle for her clients, and leaving the Wells Fargo team in 2014. 

Since then Sol has received countless awards and recognitions;  from Employee of the Year to El Dorado County District IV Volunteer of the Year (2018), El Dorado County School Board Association through the Black Oak Mine Unified School District as "Outstanding Community Member" (2019) and the most recent, "Speed to Close" (United Wholesale Mortgage 2021), Sol's capacity to gain is coupled with her priceless ability to listen with empathy and goals in mind. She is grateful when people can trust her. Trust is the core of who she is. Choosing Sol as a team member for your next financial chapter is the biggest and most valuable investment in the right direction. 

More About Sol

I have been in mortgage lending for over 7 years. I have over 14 years of financial services experience. This experience helps me provide a comprehensive analysis of client's financial goals in relation to their home buying or refinance. I aim to provide the best customer service, coupled with timely and smooth closings.

I pride myself on being available and flexible for my clients and business partners. Thank you for choosing me to be on this new home buying journey with you. 

Let me help you achieve your “American Dream” of Homeownership.